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I am so grateful to Annette for the transformative work she did during our session. Prior to the meeting, I had been struggling with a number of difficulties in my life which had left me with chronic insomnia and anxiety. I had felt overwhelmed by my circumstances and negative events seemed amplified. It is not an exaggeration to say that when Annette worked on me, it was like a miracle. The lights had suddenly gone back on in my head; I remembered my optimism and capabilities. She even joked ‘you look completely different’ and I did. I realised then that I had not been ‘myself’ in a long time. Thank you Annette, I left your clinic feeling super happy. That feeling has now settled into renewed confidence and strength. People have commented on how different I seem, thank you so much.

Joy M

“I’ve been to see Annette for many craniosacral sessions and she’s always been fantastic.  Last year, I had a car accident and had constant headaches for about three weeks.  I was taking a lot of medication and nothing was helping the pain.  Annette gave me two sessions of cranial and after these sessions my headaches had completely reduced and I felt so much better.  I felt a massive relief of pain in my neck and forehead during the sessions which helped decrease my recovery time.”

Lauren E


“Annette’s sessions can be a lifeline or simply a well needed refresher. I’ve been going to her for several years now and always leave her sessions feeling relaxed, cleansed and with a clearer perspective. With Annette’s warmth and easy going nature, I always feel at ease and able to share and let go of inner worries and tensions. The gentle precision of her treatments never fail to soothe.”

Lauren G

“Thanks Annette. My session with you was a subtle but powerful process that seemed to allow me to connect with my innate joy and wellbeing.”

Elsa B

I didn’t really know what to expect from my first visit to The Listening Space, but Annette’s warm, reassuring personality immediately put me at ease and I felt relaxed and safe. Annette listens. She really listens.
To be honest, it didn’t feel like coaching and it certainly didn’t feel like ‘therapy’, just an easy, uplifting conversation that was both fascinating and revelatory.
It was so liberating to be told that I am not broken, I don’t need fixing and I already have everything I need for perfect mental health and well-being.
In the past it had seemed to me that often the way I felt was influenced by things beyond my control in the ‘outside’ world. After talking with Annette, I began to realise just how much of my worry and anxiety has actually been caused by my own unhelpful thinking and the ‘stories’ I have created around people, events and situations.
As time went by after our sessions, I experienced an unfolding of small, but significant personal insights and I noticed that my thinking was clearer, my busy mind was calmer and I felt, well, more at ease with myself and the world in general.
Am I any happier? Well yes, I would say that I am – and in a way that is deep, authentic and sustainable –from the inside-out.
I know that I am ok, (much more than ok actually) and that I always will be.
Just having this simple, but profound, understanding of how our human experience actually works is life-transforming. I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from knowing what Annette has shared with me and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jan P

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