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In life we get stuck, insecure, stressed, lose control, and ultimately we can forget to live life fully. It is my strong belief that common sense and wisdom are the keys to ultimate health and wellbeing, and are always available to us. What I can provide you with is ways to access your innate health and wellbeing, like a road map to life.
When an individual connects with this deep sense of well-being their lives change.  They experience less stress, greater clarity, more insight and creativity, emotional resilience and improved relationships. I will listen to you, and together we will find ways to discover all that you need for well-being and resilience in your life.


Individual One to One Sessions

One to one work forms the greater part of my practice and is individualised for every client, the following services are what I offer. Transformational Coaching sessions, these can be in my consulting room, through Zoom on the internet or by phone.   Individual Craniosacral Therapy and Homeopathy sessions will take place at my clinic The Listening Space in Whitstable, Kent.

Residential Retreats

One, two or three day private residentail retreats, which take place in a beautiful log cabin at my home in the lovely seaside town of Whitstable Kent.  We will meet in the morning and afternoon to address whatever is needed for your heath and well-being, and in between sessions you will have time to reflect and relax, or take walks along the beach.  These retreats are individually tailored, so please contact me to discuss a program suited to you.

As with any transformative process, the connection between practitioner and client is paramount. If you are interested in working with me and want to find out more please give me a call or email me so we can arrange a time for an initial conversation to explore how best to work together.


3 Principles Transformational Coaching

Three Principles transformational coaching is essentially a series of…

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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle way of working with the body using light touch.

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Homeopathy is a gentle system of healing which works by stimulating the natural healing ability of the body.

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